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Holiday shopping tips for men
By Sandra Beckwith

Guys: Do you break out in hives at the thought of holiday shopping? Would you rather cook dinner for your mother-in-law than spend an evening at the mall looking for the perfect gift for your wife? Is "gift shopping" your four-letter phrase?

Whether you're shopping online or in person, here are some gift-buying tips that might make this holiday season easier for you:

  • Put enough time into the process to select a gift that shows you know her. No gift at all is almost better than a generic gift.
  • Ask her for a wish list with colors and sizes to guide you.
  • When debating between practical and magical, go with magical.
  • Do not buy anything that suggests she should lose weight unless she specifically requests it. That means no exercise equipment, workout apparel, health club membership, diet books, etc.
  • If gift shopping is a big challenge for you, bring along a friend or relative whose judgment you trust to help you select the right item, size, color, etc.
  • Avoid buying gifts that fall into the category, "Gift You Bought for Her So You Could Use it."
  • Don't buy anything you don't want her to open in front of her parents.
  • Fine jewelry is usually a safe choice when you can afford it.

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