Gender Differences by Sandra Beckwith

Sandra talks about guys.

The author of WHY CAN’T A MAN BE MORE LIKE A WOMAN? and editor and publisher of The Do(o)little Report, a newsletter that took a lighthearted look at male behavior, Sandra is a popular speaker for women’s health days, “ladies night out” events and women’s networking programs. Sandra tackles the subject of perplexing male behavior in lighthearted keynote presentations and workshops. Her stories, research findings and humor help minimize relationship frustration while promoting understanding—and laughter.

Whether Sandra speaks about gender differences in personal or workplace situations, women and men nod their heads in agreement. “I came here prepared to argue with her,” said one gentleman after a dinner keynote, “but I couldn’t. Everything she said about why men do what they do was true!”

In her trademark tongue-in-cheek style, Sandra gives audiences the knowledge they need to understand the opposite sex and laugh about everyday situations.

Her presentations emphasize that men and women will always be different. “But if we understand the differences and even see the humor in them, we will be more tolerant and less frustrated,” she notes. Whether she’s talking to a gathering of women or at a function that includes women and men, participants leave feeling informed, enlightened and entertained.

Sandra's gender-related topics include:

  • “He Said/She Said: Understanding How Men & Women Communicate Differently”
  • “Jumpstart Your Career by Understanding Men”
  • “Finding the Humor in Your Relationships with Men”
  • “It’s a Guy Thing”

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"I can’t thank you enough for such a terrific job! People are still talking about it!"
Citibank corporate meeting planner

"You changed my life!"
Conference attendee

Talks about guys
Media spokesperson

Sandra works as a media spokesperson.

Sandra works with consumer products companies as a spokesperson who helps bring company or product messages to the public through the media. She has been a media spokesperson for Thomson Consumer Electronics (RCA), representing new television remote control and on-screen guide technology, and for the Soap and Detergent Association, promoting the SDA’s National Cleaning Survey on who’s doing the housework in American homes.

Were those organizations happy with Sandra’s work? Ask Deborah Durham at the Spokespersons Plus Network, 505-685-0698.

Here are just a few ways businesses and associations looking for an articulate, credible spokesperson can work with Sandra to gain media exposure for their brands:

Holiday gift-giving: Sandra is an authority on how to get a man to give a gift that a woman would want, a topic she discussed on “Home & Family” on the Family Channel. She knows what women want and what they don’t want. Learn more about Sandra’s advice to women shopping for men by clicking here.

Who’s doing the shopping? Sandra knows that women shop, but men get. It’s a topic for retailers of all types—Internet, supermarkets, appliances, autos, consumer electronics, and others.

Cleaning products: How do you get a man to help with the housework? If you sell cleaning products or tools, let Sandra offer tips. (Read her interview on this subject in the September 9, 2002 issue of First for Women.)

Apparel: Men shop for clothes by buying as much as they can in one store, then ducking out the door quickly before anything bad happens to them. Sandra can represent retailers who know how to serve the men’s market.

Domestic services: As more women work outside the home and men continue to do less housework than women, two-income families hire outsiders to help. Let Sandra talk about how these services can save a marriage!

Outdoor entertaining products: Why is it that a man who wouldn’t sauté at a stove is the first one to fire up the grill outdoors? Sandra knows why many men don’t cook, but love to barbecue!

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