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The oddest thing happened to me years ago on my way to earning a living. I created a newsletter that takes a lighthearted look at male behavior and called it The Do(o)little Report, after Eliza Doolittle of “My Fair Lady.” The newsletter’s mission is to answer the universal question: “Why can’t a man be more like a woman?” I sent the first eight-page issue with an announcement press release to nearly 400 media outlets nationwide; life hasn’t been the same since.

The media attention surrounding that first issue was overwhelming. Exactly one week after I mailed the first issue with the press release, USA Today ran a one-paragraph announcement in the “Lifeline” column. That placement generated ongoing interviews with hundreds of radio stations coast-to-coast. The Wall Street Journal ran a feature the following week. That hit generated a call from a publishing house editor and a book contract a few months later. USA Today followed up with a major feature alongside one on John Gray, author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. Shortly thereafter, John and I appeared on a national talk show together. That was about the time I was also in a segment on “Eye to Eye with Connie Chung” with Rush Limbaugh.

It was bizarre.

And it just didn’t stop. There was so much free media exposure that I won a prestigious national publicity award. For years, I did drive time crack-of-dawn radio interviews several mornings a week from my home office. It didn’t matter that I had bed hair and wore a flannel nightgown while I yakked about the differences in men and women that make us laugh. It was always fun for me, the morning DJs, and the listeners, who called in with their “Stupid Men Tricks,” those incredibly goofy things men do that women would never do.

I entertained women’s groups, sharing stories and offering advice for accepting men as they are at luncheon and dinner meetings – and I still do that, many years after I first started publishing the newsletter. I speak to groups at major corporations about gender differences, I represent consumer products as a media spokesperson when there’s a gender story to tell, and I am interviewed by the media on a regular basis for my humorous perspective on what makes men and women different.

All of this happened – and continues to happen now that the newsletter is in a shorter, more au courant electronic format – because from day one, the media labeled me as an “expert.” Whether it was “The Montel Williams Show” or “CBS This Morning,” I was identified as a “relationship expert.”

In the beginning, this was absurd. How could I be an expert after writing only eight newsletter pages on the subject? I wasn’t, of course. But reporters and producers were so taken with those eight pages that they decided that I was an expert. I was embarrassed at first, but as I wrote more and more on the subject – first with the newsletter and then with the book – I became more comfortable with the label. Today, many years later, I know I’ve earned it.

I was able to take that first newsletter issue and generate an amazing amount of international publicity (did I mention I was on Australia’s “Today Show” and featured in German magazines?) because I had a publicity background. I used one expertise to become known as an expert in a totally different field. It wasn’t my original intention – I just wanted to sell newsletter subscriptions through publicity – but it sure worked out that way.

And the more media experience I gained doing interviews with The New York Times or on public radio’s “Whaddyaknow with Michael Feldman,” the better I got at generating publicity for other company’s products or services. It’s one thing to be the one in the background doing the pitching; it’s another thing to be doing the pitching and being the person in front of the microphone.

While I was already an award-winning publicist when I launched the newsletter, I got better with the experience I got from the newsletter’s success. I’ve since written two publicity books. One, Streetwise Complete Publicity Plans: How to Create Publicity That Will Spark Media Exposure and Excitement, is a how-to guide for small businesses and organizations. The other, Publicity for Nonprofits: Generating Media Exposure That Leads to Awareness, Growth, and Contributions, helps nonprofit organizations shape their media relations efforts.

Now I’d like to share with you all the cool things I’ve learned along the way about how to become known as an expert. I want to tell you what’s most cost-effective. I want you to know, like I do, what works and what doesn’t. I want to help you develop and use the tools that will get you the kind of really exciting exposure I still get for my business – the kind that helps people see that I know what I’m talking about.

If I can do it, why can’t you? Let me show you how through my new intense, six-week teleseminar, “How to Become an Expert.” I’ve combined everything I’ve learned with the experiences of others who have been down this path into a really exciting program. This is your opportunity to get the serious business advantage that experts like me have. We sell more products and services because people trust us. We get more business than our competitors because doing business with an expert is a no-risk proposition.

I’m looking for 20 people who are serious about their career to move to the next level of professional success. I’m keeping the group small because it’s the best way for me to make sure the workshop meets your individual needs. Yes, I could make a lot more money by opening this up to more people, but how much fun would that be for you? Not nearly as much as time spent with a much smaller group, where we all work together to leverage our knowledge and experience in a way that brings exciting recognition and rewards.

You’ll get detailed instruction on the best planning, tools, tactics, and resources needed to become a highly-regarded expert at the local, regional, or national level. You’ll learn from me as well as guest speakers who know their topics better than anyone. Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • The 9 easy-to-follow steps to becoming known as an expert
  • 3 reasons why you must capitalize on your “intellectual capital”
  • How to finally get recognized as a trusted, knowledgeable source of information
  • How to craft an expert action plan that works specifically for your business and expertise – not anyone else’s
  • Countless trade secrets you won’t find anywhere else
  • How individual feedback on assignments make this course more valuable than any other product or service

The course is taught via weekly teleseminars and a password-protected forum, where participants post homework assignments and questions. This personal interaction with me and other participants greatly increases the value of the instruction.

To make it even more worth your while, the workshop fee includes:

  • A proprietary binder that will make sure you stay on track with your expert plan in the weeks and months to come
  • A CD set of our audio sessions
  • A transcript of the audio sessions
  • Ongoing forum access

What else could you need?

Before you register, I want to tell you something important. I’ve done this program before with an “in-person, we’re all in a conference room” format but I want to eliminate the need for participants to travel. This new teleseminar/forum format allows me to do that while keeping it affordable for you. But it IS a new format, and for that, I want to give you a discounted registration fee. (You’re OK with that, right?) The fee is increasing by $300 the next time this course is offered, so don’t miss this chance to get the same fabulous, career-altering content at a significant savings!

Here are the details:

Registration Information

Date & Time: Wednesdays by telephone and forum from January 6 through February 10, 2010, 2:00 PM. – 3:30 p.m. PM Eastern

Cost: $895 (increasing to $1,195 the next time!)

Prefer to send a check?
Include a note saying it’s for “How to Become an Expert” and send it to:

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Drop me a line at or call me at 585-377-2768.

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for the six-week workshop, "How to Become
an Expert
[read details]

"I got more out of this workshop than any other session I've attended! "
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for the six-week workshop, "How to Become
an Expert
[read details]






































for the six-week workshop, "How to Become
an Expert
[read details]